About us…

About us…

Are you looking to get away for a weekend? Not sure where to go and enjoy real ale? We had exactly the same thoughts…

We’re a bunch of guys who like to take off to an English city now and again for a break. It just so happens that there is usually some real ale to be had or a Beer Festival nearby.

Why are we blogging?

What we’ve found is that despite our research finding pubs, taphouses and bars which offer real ale can be a bit hit and miss due to unreliable information.  So, having been to some great pubs and some not so great we wanted to share our findings.

When we are not away somewhere we also source real ales whether it be keg, cask or bottle…supermarket, off licence or online to enjoy in our own back gardens.

What will you find here?

  • A record of the pubs in a city we’ve been to which had real ales on.
  • The real ales we came across and our opinion of them.
  • Beer festivals we have been to and the ales consumed.