Derby, Real Ale Capital?

Really? Have those who proclaim this never been to Norwich! Norwich, the City of Ale is the beerweekenders benchmark, our spiritual home with more pubs than days of the year. Can Derby outperform Norwich? We are about to find out as we prepare for our Beerweekend away…

The plan…a man-plan! Get off the train and start walking. Of course that would be sheer madness so we have on the back of a fag packet a list…

The Brunswick

The Alexandra Hotel

The Furnace Inn

The Olde Bell

The Golden Eagle

The Smithfield

The Five Lamps


The New Zealand

The Silk Mill Tap

The Flowerpot

Exeter Arms

The Tap

Ye Olde Dolphin

The Greyhound

It’s a start. If you can recommend any then please let us know.  Let’s see how you measure up Derby…watch this space…



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