Derby, Real Ale Capital?

Really? Have those who proclaim this never been to Norwich! Norwich, the City of Ale is the beerweekenders benchmark, our spiritual home with more pubs than days of the year. Can Derby outperform Norwich? We are about to find out as we prepare for our Beerweekend away…

The plan…a man-plan! Get off the train and start walking. Of course that would be sheer madness so we have on the back of a fag packet a list…

The Brunswick

The Alexandra Hotel

The Furnace Inn

The Olde Bell

The Golden Eagle

The Smithfield

The Five Lamps


The New Zealand

The Silk Mill Tap

The Flowerpot

Exeter Arms

The Tap

Ye Olde Dolphin

The Greyhound

It’s a start. If you can recommend any then please let us know.  Let’s see how you measure up Derby…watch this space…



How far is far? Part 2

From Westfield Stratford, the Tank Bar is just over a 10 minute walk… longer depending on how much we have ‘enjoyed’ Tap East. There a couple of ways to get there; One route taking you directly along the road and the other route across the Olympic Park and then along the canal. Choose the most picturesque or the one which quenches your thirst quickest. Both carry the hazard of cyclists but perhaps more so on the narrow canal path!

You’ll find the difference between the industrial warehouse of the Tank Bar, the Howling Hops brewery tap, and the modern retail unit of Tap East quite a contrast. As you walk in you can’t miss the towering shiny tanks which light up the shaded warehouse. As you walk towards them goggle eyed be careful you don’t end up behind the bar!

Behind the bar at The Tank
Behind the bar at The Tank

With the four of us having a range of preferences we can split the beer tasting nicely. Ruby, Porter, Pale, IPA…and more…six more to be exact! Initially, there’s a deposit for the glasses presumably to account for the clientele who are a little forgetful. How many times have we all wandered off with a lovely branded glass in our pocket after forgetting to place it on the bar on our way out! Maybe that’s just us then?

Branded glass...for returning!
Branded glass…for returning!

If you need some soakage as you quench your thirst there’s a food bar which sells burgers and meat platters. Sat on the long wooden tables it felt like a mediaeval battle celebration not that the remaining West Ham supporters know anything about victory! Like Tap East be mindful of the extra drinkers which match days bring.

Tanks and Tables
Tanks and Tables

So 30-35 minutes travelling time we’ve managed Tap East followed by Howling Hops Tank Bar. Not far at all! In fact there must surely be time for another…

Unit 9A Queen’s Yard, White Post Ln, London E9 5EN