How far is far?

In our previous blog we made reference to the Romford area being a barren wasteland when it comes to good beer. Harsh but fair. So, finding places to go within the constraints of daily working life, kids and interests outside of beer (yes, we do have interests outside of beer…just!!) is a challenge. Distance, travel links, ease to find are all considerations to make the most of time. So how far is far?

We are lucky enough to be on the Southend-Liverpool Street mainline so you can clock up some beer miles very quickly…leaves on the line, train strikes and engineering works permitting. It’s a five minute walk to the station so the determining factors…train time and the walk to the nearest bar.

The beer compass pointed towards Stratford and after just 15 minutes on the train we strode off to Westfield where Beer shopping would start in Tap East. Could we reach anywhere else within 30 minutes door to door?

Tap East bar
Tap East bar

This brewpub is tucked away near Waitrose or opposite Stratford International entrance in an open fronted shop unit. Despite being situated in a shopping mall you soon feel comfortable lounging back in a comfy sofa. There’s plenty to choose from, all listed on a TV screen above the bar. In house brews are rotated as well regular guests. In addition, there are very well stocked fridges.

Well stocked fridges!
Well stocked fridges!

Losing track of time here can be so, so easy. One thing to be aware of is that West Ham Football team now inhabit the Olympic stadium so beware of match days!

From here….we walked to The Tank Bar…join us in Part 2 of How far is far?

Tap East

7, International Square, Montfichet Rd, Westfield, Stratford City. E20 1EE

Stratford Station

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