Upminster Taproom

If you have any awareness of the Romford area you’ll know that it’s a barren wasteland as far as real ale and craft beer is concerned. The same could be said for other things but let’s not wander off topic. When it came to our attention that a Taproom was opening in Upminster we had to check the facts. A Taproom? …in Romford?(or as near as)… really?! So, weeks went by before we assembled and off we went. A train into Romford station and then a change on to the Upminster line…thirty minutes door to door.

The Upminster Taproom is perhaps not what you expect as it’s located in a side street within an ex-commercial property. Entering through the door you find yourself straight in the thick of things. Now, there’s no bar…mmmm…so how does this work? We didn’t have to wait long at all before Bob appeared and explained all. Basically you catch his eye or his daughters, who help out, and they’ll bring your order out to you. Simple. All of this adds to a slightly quirky but very comfortable and friendly place which Bob certainly conveys when he stops (he was actually able to that day) and tells the story of how it all began.

Upminster Taproom
Upminster Taproom

Generally, the beers are locally sourced with the most popular making regular appearances. A cider or two along with a small selection of wine is also on the menu. We look out for the weekly Facebook postings providing visual notifications of what’s on that week. You do have to be quick though…some go fast!

Weekly Facebook updates - what's on
Weekly Facebook updates – what’s on

Do drop in and enjoy the experience. It’s become the Beerweekenders local go-to!

Upminster Taproom

1A Sunnyside Gardens, Upminster RM14 3DT.

Nearest station: 5 min walk from Upminster station

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