DIY Beer Festival…the results…

With bags-a-clinking we assembled and stored the 72 bottles (that’s four sets of the beers) in Ian and Steve’s fridges (they live next door to each other) and ice water buckets.  Warm enough to sit outside we commenced tasting. Now, we are not trained tasters but between the five of us we thought we would be able to come up with a consensus on taste and more easily an outright winner.

The beers were the 18 featured in Aldi’s Summer Beer Festival at £1.25 a bottle. Couldn’t go wrong…could we?

  1. White Witch (Moorhouse’s 3.9%)
  2. Unicorn (Robinsons 4.3%)
  3. Strongarm (Camerons 4.3%)
  4. Maple Gold (Joseph Holt 4.3%)
  5. A-hop-alypse Now (Camerons 4.3%)
  6. Velo (Black Sheep 4.2%)
  7. Wizard ( Robinsons 3.7%)
  8. Golden Bolt (Box Steam 3.8%)
  9. Wet Your Whistle (Box Steam 4.5%)
  10. Wadworth 6X (Wadworth & Co. 4.3%)
  11. The Rev James Rye (Brains 4.3%)
  12. Double Dragon (Felinfoel 4.2%)
  13. Hop Bomb (Sadlers 5.0%)
  14. Surrey Nirvana (Hogs Back 4.0%)
  15. Two Tribes (Everards 4.5%)
  16. Mid Atlantic (Titanic 4.5%)
  17. Castle (Arundel 3.8%)
  18. Mellow Yellow (Sadlers 4.1%)


So after an afternoon/evening/night of tasting the outright winner was Robinsons Wizard! We thought it had a mellow maltiness with an underlying fruity vein and consistent taste throughout.

There weren’t any particular clangers as we tasted them all in equal measure and refused none. I’m not sure what that says about all of us. The least liked was Camerons Strongarm, a ruby red ale which left a metallic taste in the mouth. Not entirely unpleasant but not for us.



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